642 Court of Honor Jan 2024

Troop 642 Holds Court of Honor
On Tuesday evening, January 30th 2024
Troop 642 held a Court of Honor to recognize the achievements of its
Scouts. The event was held at the Seal Beach Community Center in Rossmoor, and was attended by
approximately 110 parents and other guests of the Troop’s Scouting families. The event was presided
over by master of ceremonies, Panos Panagiotou, with Senior Patrol Leader, Mika Auvinen, and Assistant
Patrol Leaders, Ian MacRae and Sam Park to assist.
In all, 70 merit badges were awarded and 35 rank advancements were presented, including four Scouts
attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.
The new Eagle Scouts are:
Jason Barnes
Jonah Cardenas
Keith Tanner
Anton Vu
Also recognized were Keith Tanner for earning Bronze, Gold and Silver Palms; Anton Vu and Kiran Zacheis
for 40 Nights of Camping; and, High Adventure Awards to Wesley Avery, Finn Burns and Ryder Kono.
Dan Moran made a special note of thanking the parents and Scout leaders
for their outstanding support of the Troop’s program –
the event reflected this.
A special shout-out to Troop 642’s Scoutmaster and Committee Chair, Dan Moran and Stacy Byone,
respectively, for their outstanding leadership to their Scout unit. Dan is also the Chair of the Goldenwest
Camporee and Stacy serves as the Camporee Medic.