IOLS Training

Training Adult Leaders to Guide Scouts: IOLS
On Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, June 21st and 22nd , led by Goldenwest Training Chair, Dan Moran,
with assistance from Mike Bremser and Kathy Hight, the Goldenwest District hosted Introduction to Outdoor
Leader Skills (IOLS),a fun program of hands-on skills training in the outdoors and methods of Scouting. This
training is geared towards any adult leader in a Scouting unit, and is required for those who are new to unit
leadership roles that interact with Scouts, particularly Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters. The day and a
half training event was held at Oso Lake Scout Camp, located in Rancho Santa Margarita, and included all training
materials and meals – attendees only needed to bring their Scouts BSA handbook, Class A uniform, layered
clothing, overnight camping gear, including sleeping bag, water bottle, BSA 10 essentials, medical forms and…a
desire to learn and have fun.
The curriculum is created for new leaders who will guide Scouts in their leadership role and included:
 Experiencing and learning the basics of the Patrol Method and its impact on the entire unit
 Become comfortable with the basic camping skills required for Scout advancement from Tenderfoot to
First Class,
 Have fun interacting and collaborating with other Scout Leaders to expand your network of support
within the Scouting community
 Gain an appreciation of the importance and heritage of Scouting
Besides introducing the participants to basic camping skills, the emphasis is on the key skills and activities to
support the Scouts’ experience from Scout to First Class, an important milestone in every Scout’s experience.
Experiencing BSA adult training programs is one of the great benefits of being an adult leader because it
introduces volunteers to the methods of Scouting, introduces new skills and activities, builds camaraderie
amongst other adult volunteers, and is fun. All of this helps adult volunteers to guide the Scouts so they can
build an effective youth led Troop.
Having been a former participant under this team of instructors, I’m certain the participants in this edition of
IOLS training enjoyed a first-class training (no pun intended) experience.