Advancement Update 4/29/2020

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Good Morning everyone! I would like to start out this beautiful day by congratulating Delong Nguyenthanh of Crew 1271 on completing his EBOR and being recommended for the Rank of Eagle! When we are all able to meet again we will be inviting all of our districts scouts that earned their Eagles to roundtable so we can recognize them in person.

Eagle Paperwork– We will be accepting paperwork on our traditional night, which is Mondays, via Zoom and check in will be from 7 PM to 8 PM. Please email me at to receive a code for the Zoom meeting room. Please have all of your documents scanned and send them to BOTH myself and Dave Rogers. For those turning in Eagle Applications an AWESOME feature in scoutbook in the reports section is it will actually fill out the candidates application for you! Council is a bit backed up on paperwork so please be patient *YOU ARE NOT TO MEET IN PERSON, PAPERWORK WILL BE SENT VIRTUALLY, AT THIS TIME DIGITAL SIGNATURES WILL BE ACCEPTED DUE TO COVID*

Eagle BOR- Once your application is returned from Council approved you will be contacted and informed. You have the option of having a virtual EBOR or if you wish to wait to have one in person and are not close to 18 that is your choice of course. EBOR will be held on their standard Tuesday evenings as they would traditionally be done, just virtually.

Merit Badges- The coordination team has been working at a feverish pace, don’t worry its not a real fever, and processing all of your paperwork as they are receiving it. We are going to be posting the list in a locked document on the district website. The scoutmaster will be sent the code to the document and the scoutmaster will distribute the code to unit leaders that have been delegated to open blue cards. Of course the list, just as if it was emailed to you, should NOT be shared with scouts, parents nor leaders not allowed to have it

I hope you all have a great day! Please check out our districts website its been updated and is full of great information. I highly encourage all units to reach out to our Adults Award Chair as well as our Religious Emblems Programs chair and engage your unit. Have a great day everyone!

-Edward A. Sheely

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