6/19/20 Advancement #FactFriday

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Happy Friday Scouters! I hope all of your are doing well and staying healthy. I know you have all been waiting for the #FactFriday so here it goes:
Q: Who signs off requirements in scout handbooks in packs?

A: For Lion through Bear if the requirement is completed at home then the parents may sign in the book followed up with consultation from the Den Leader. If a requirement is done at a den meeting then the leader will sign off the requirement. For Webelos and AOL the requirements are signed off by the Den Leadership only. *Due to Covid19 at this time parents may sign off requirements form the Webelos and AOL dens* Who Approves Cub Scout Advancement?A key responsibility for den leaders is to implement the den meeting plans as outlined in the four den leader guides shown within this topic. For Lion through Bear ranks, if the activity is completed outside of the den meeting, the parent, adult partner, or another trusted adult may sign in the Cub Scout’s handbook, indicating the Cub Scout has done their best to complete the requirement. The den leader then records that requirement after consultation with the family or the CubScout to confirm completion. If the requirement is completed in a den meeting, the den leader signs the handbook and records the requirement. Den leaders maydelegate an assistant or parent who helps at meetings to assist with the approvals. For Webelos and Arrow of Light adventures and ranks, the den leader signs for approval of all requirements, unless the den leader delegates this responsibility.

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