7/3/2020 #FactFriday

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Happy Friday Scouters! Is a scout in your unit ready to turn in their Eagle application to the district? They will need to bring a print out of their advancement record for us to verify the dates for achievements on the application. The print out can be obtained through the council or from a printout from Scoutbook. Now I do know that there are units that do not use scoutbook and encourage their scouts to reach out to the council registrar for a copy of the advancement record which is fine, but I would like to encourage units during this difficult time at the council to begin to look at printing off the advancement record from scoutbook simply to help limit the large amount of requests that go to the registrar. Every chartered unit has a scoutbook you simply use the same login from my.scouting to log in. If you need help please reach out and I would be happy to be of service!And now for your #FactFriday
Q- What happens if the dates I put on my Eagle Application for my merit badges are not what council has on file?
A- That is why you bring a printout of your advancement to verify that the dates match your application. Should dates not match then council will send the application back to be corrected, which delays the scheduling of a Board of Review

-Guide to Advancement Section

Council Verifies Application and Board of Review Scheduled

Everything is checked against council records. If information in the BSA system or council files is incomplete, the Scouter the unit will be asked to provide certificates, bluecards, or other suitable proof that merit badges and ranks were earned and that dates are accurate. The regular use of the BSA internet portal for reporting advancement as described in section 6 will help expedite this process. If everything is correct, the council provides a verification signature, files a copy of the application,and sends the original with the service project workbook and other items (such as reference letters received) to the board of review chair or other designated volunteer. The board should be scheduled only after the council-verified application is received.

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