7/8/2020 Advancement Update

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Good Morning Scouters! I have a quick advancement updates for you this morning. We are starting to offer in person Eagle paperwork processing, however please know that we are still doing virtual paperwork turn in. Do NOT feel like you or your scout has to do a turn in face to face. All Eagle paperwork turn in is done on an appointment basis only. We will send via email the following after a scout reaches out to schedule an appointment:
Eagle Paperwork turn in is being done either in person or via Zoom and it’s whichever you, your family and unit feel the most comfortable with. We have begun to meet with scouts to go over workbooks on an appointment basis only and only if the scout and their family is OK with this. Of course all CDC guidelines are followed hence why it’s only done on a scheduled basis. Please see below:
Option 1- We can schedule to meet in person and we can go over your workbook. As mentioned its appointment only and you must be accompanied by your parents. All CDC guidelines would be in place so you would need to bring your own camping chair, gloves, hand sanitizer and mask. We will have extra protective equipment in case you forget it. Only choose this option if you have spoken with your family and unit leader. Make sure that all those concerned are comfortable with this meeting. If you or anyone around you has been ill within the last two weeks or if yourself or those around you are at a high risk due to COVID please do not select this option.
Option 2- We can schedule a virtual meeting via Zoom on an agreed time and date. You would email your workbook and I would share the screen and we can go through it together. If it looks like it has met the requirements for a project I will sign it and then email it back to you. Easy as pie (now I’m hungry!)
Read everything carefully, talk with your family and your unit leadership and choose the best option. One way or another though, whichever option we will get you moving!
At this time Eagle Board of Reviews remain to be done via Zoom. Additionally we are waiting on guidelines to resume Eagle projects within the district. With the unpredictability of Covid I would highly recommend having any of your scouts that are working on their Eagle and 17 years old to fill out the extension request form and turn it in to myself, its on our website as well as in this post. Please read the full form and fill it out completely including any required documents. Have a great day Golden West!

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