7/24/20 #FactFriday

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Good Morning Golden West scouters! It is time for another amazing #FactFriday

Q- One of our Life scouts is turning 18 years old next week! Will he be able to get into a Board of Review before he turns 18 so he does not miss out on earning the Rank of Eagle?!?!?!?

A- Only the requirements need be completed before turning 18 years old. A scout has 90 days after their 18th birthday to complete a Board of Review

9.0.1. 1 Complete All the Requirements
Confirm that the following requirements have been
completed before the 18th birthday: active participation,
Scout spirit, merit badges, position of responsibility,
service project, and unit leader conference. Note that the
unit leader (Scoutmaster) conference need not be the last
item accomplished. The board of review may be
conducted after the 18th birthday. For details, see
“Boards of Review,” 8.0.0 .0. A candidate must be
registered through the time the requirements are being
completed but need not be registered thereafter or when
the Eagle Scout board of review is conducted.

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