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OCBSA Board of Directors Resolution Regarding Youth Protection Training 


Whereas the safety of all members participating in Scouting programs is our top priority, and whereas the Orange County Council recognizes that BSA Youth Protection Training provides all adults registered in Scouting with the tools to deliver a safe program for our youth, the Executive Board of the Orange County Council Resolves that all registered adults in Orange County Council will maintain BSA Youth Protection Training that is current for the entire duration of their period of registration. Therefore, it is mandatory for all members aged 18 and older to have youth protection training that is current for the entire period of their registration to be considered members in good standing.* Any currently registered adult whose youth protection training is expired is not allowed to participate in any meetings, activities or programs of the Orange County Council including with units, districts, or other entities.


*(YPT would need to be completed each year on the anniversary date of the member to prevent gaps in YPT coverage)

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