Golden West District Camporall

Camporall 2024
OCT 11-13 2024
El Dorado Park

Another Great Camporall 2023
Thank you Dan, Bruce, and Marcie

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  • Golden West District Camporall
    October 11-13, 2024

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    Youth Group Campground

    El Dorado Park

    7550 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90815

    Hi Pack, Troop & Crew Leaders:


    I want to let you know about one of our Goldenwest District premiere events, Camporall, which will be held on Friday evening, October 11th, through late Sunday morning, October 13th, at Eldorado Park, Long Beach. The campsite is excellent and has very clean restrooms (important to many participants). 😉


    This combined Cub Scout/Webelos and Scouts BSA event will be held at El Dorado Park, in Long Beach. The event leader, Dan Moran, will be sending out more details in the coming weeks. Last year, we had over 250 Scouts and volunteers in attendance and the event was truly outstanding – it will be this year as well. Those of you who attended Camporall last year or Camporee this past spring know that Dan and his team host a terrific event. This Camporall will also feature either a special event or training, which will be elaborated on in the near future. 


    If you have a Webelos unit, we encourage you to have them attend and give your Webelos this outstanding opportunity to interact with Scouts and experience Scouting. More information is in the website in the page associated with the following link to the GWD Camporall registration and event webpage:


    If you have not attended this event before, please take the step to do this year because I think you will be pleased with the experience for your unit.


    Questions?  Please do not hesitate to contact me or the event chair, Dan Moran, at .


    Thank you for your leadership in supporting our youth in Orange County!


    Charlie Osaki

    Chair, Goldenwest District