8/7/2020 # Fact Friday

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Good morning Golden West Scouters! I hope everyone had a great week and is ready for the weekend. Today’s #FactFriday is for all you cubs

4.1.0. 1 Delivering the Cub Scout Program

Den leaders, Cubmasters, and their assistants conduct meetings implementing the three steps in Cub Scout advancement: preparation, qualification, and recognition. Four separate den leader guides—one each for the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear programs, and one combined for Webelos and Arrow of Light—explain the mechanics for doing so while helping to maximize advancement.

Den meetings—ideally three per month, one of which may include an outing—follow a traditional school year and are designed to result in advancement for all youth. Elective adventures provide flexibility for dens that meet more often and facilitate summertime den activities or adjustments for different school schedules.

Den leaders complete most advancement activities, called adventures, in the den setting. To achieve a full experience and the greatest impact, some adventures are designed to be completed in the home or family setting. Packs should meet monthly to assure timely recognition of the Cub Scouts’ accomplishments

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